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Tips for choosing outdoor school furniture

Every school needs an outdoor play area for children to play in their free time. Colorful and eye catching furniture is the best way to attract children to go outside and play. Instead of encouraging students to use electronics, it is better if they are told to stay outdoors and enjoy nature.


These are some things to keep in mind when buying outdoor furniture for your school.


Always go for child safe furniture. Children’s outdoor furniture has to be safe without any sharp edges. Refrain from buying folding tables and chairs as they might be unsafe for younger children. Curved table and chairs can help avoid injuries to the children playing.

Children like to feel comfortable when they play outdoors. The best way for them to be comfortable is by choosing the right materials for your furniture, wooden outdoor furniture does not heat up in summers and is also a safer option because it does not have sharp corners which might hurt the children while they are playing.

Teachers can also have the children paint wooden furniture as a fun activity where they can use their imagination.

The sturdiness and functionality of the outdoor furniture is also a crucial factor to follow. If the furniture is not strong enough, it might break and the students could get hurt. So make sure it meets all the safety standards.

A children’s table and chairs set that is multicolored and comfortable will allow them to play outdoors and make new friends. Make sure that the furniture is attractive and exciting to the children so they enjoy spending time around it.

Ergonomic furniture helps provide comfort to the children. The child can comfortably sit on the chairs without it being too low or too high for them. Children aged 2-4 require a table that is around 50cm and chairs around 30cm. For children aged 4-6 a 55cm table and 35cm chairs are ideal.  For 6-8 year olds, a 65cm table and a 40cm chair is just right. You have to make sure that the height of the table is chosen according to the height of the table because wrong choices can lead to back pain and etc.

Making use of outdoor furniture in schools can benefit the students in many ways. Outdoor seating creates a relaxed environment and this type of environment can be motivate students and teachers. It helps them focus which leads to an increase in productivity.

Students can go outdoors to play in their free time. When the students are done playing they will have a place where they could relax for a bit. Or they could also have lunch and chat with friends in their free time. Staying outdoors radiates positive energy.

Outdoor seating arrangements can help students in socializing and making new friends so that they never feel left out and are always excited to come to school.

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