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Types of Arborist Equipment

Having the right arborist equipment is important to ensuring that you are safe and secure when working with trees. There are several different types of gear that you might need, from lanyards to fliplines.

Rigging gear

Using the right tree rigging equipment will make your tree work easier and safer. Depending on the application, you will need different ropes and tools to get the job done. Some of the tools and equipment are the obvious, while others are more complex.

A good workhorse of a rigging system would be the K787 Mountable Lowering Bollard. This is a durable, heavy duty bollard that keeps its place when it is not under tension. It also features teeth on the backing plate for easier pulling.

In addition to this, you will also want to use a whoopie sling to secure the bollard to the tree. These slings can be used to secure the capstans as well.

Tree climbing fliplines

Having the right tree climbing fliplines and other arborist equipment is vital to the safety of your work. The equipment can also be used to create a more secure and comfortable experience for the climber.

The flipline is the most important piece of equipment you will use while tree climbing. It may be made from arborist rope or steel core lanyard. It can also be used with spiked shoes to give you the mobility you need. It may also be called a lanyard or polestrap.

It is also recommended to wear a helmet. The best tree climbing flipline is one that is different from the rest.

Tree climbing lanyards

Using lanyards for tree climbing is vital to safety. Falls from the canopy are the leading cause of death and severe injuries to arborists. Without a lanyard, a tree climber may be able to climb a tree, but not to reach the top.

A lanyard can be purchased ready-made or a climber can create one himself. The former is acceptable for a beginner tree climber, but a pre-made lanyard is usually more practical for more experienced climbers.

Lanyards come in a variety of different lengths, configurations, and styles. There are short lanyards, which are ideal for temporary tie-in points, and long lanyards, which provide more positioning options.


Originally invented by mountaineers, Prusiks arborist equipment have become increasingly popular over the years. Used by both climbers and those earning a living cutting or felling trees, these knots vary from crew to crew.

Prusik knots are tied to a thick climbing rope, usually with two or more wraps. These hitches are used for climbing, rope rescue, and hauling systems.

Prusiks are not used on frozen, wet ropes. A footlock can be used in place of Prusiks, but these hitches tend to roll and loosen when tied open. They do not creep along the rope like Prusiks.

The Prusik is a special hitch. It is named after Austrian mountaineer Karl Prusik. In the 1931 Austrian mountaineering manual, a Prusik hitch was used to climb the final summit. The climber would sit on the hitch, and the other hand would hold the rope. It is usually tied on the loaded side of the rope.

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Among the many manufacturers of arborist equipment and supplies, Samson stands out as the king of the pack. The company’s vennilas abound, and they’re not limited to ropes. They manufacture slings, whoopies, and other rigging and climbing related gadgets. The company also has a full line of climbing equipment bags and other rigging tools and equipment.

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